Concept Showing How Travel By Plane Can Change After The Outbreak


All countries take various measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. What about the outbreak? A concept study showing the change of aircraft seats is looking for an answer to this question on the airline side.

After the coronavirus epidemic spread globally, it is said that nothing will be the same anymore. Air travel, especially due to travel restrictions, has dropped significantly. Italian design company Avio Interiors has introduced a concept of what can change in aircraft after the epidemic.

Avio Interiors shared two aircraft seat designs for the safety of passengers traveling by plane after the coronavirus outbreak. The concepts bring seats that allow the aircraft to isolate passengers from each other on future flights. The measures to be taken after the outbreak are just as important as those taken during the outbreak.

Concepts bring passenger compartments to aircraft seats
According to the company’s website, the first concept, called “Glassafe”, suggests separating seats to make the interaction between passengers sharing the same row of seats safer. Transparent compartments that cover both sides of the seat are intended to isolate passengers.

Although the transparent materials used in the seats are intended to prevent the passengers from touching with each other and to minimize interactions, the risks that they may pose during a possible accident are not mentioned. Judging by the designs in the images, the passenger compartments are designed from a hard material.

The second concept of Avio Interiors called “Janus Seat” makes the insulation a little safer. This time, with a slight change, the direction of the seats in the same row has also been changed. Similarly, there are compartments that cover the sides of the passengers. The design got its name from the two-faced Roman god, with one face forward and one face backward.

Unlike Glassafe, the Janus Seat concept requires more than a simple addition. Airline companies need to disassemble the middle seats and reassemble to implement these concepts. Although airplane seat concepts are nice as an idea, there are uncertainties about their reliability. But it can inspire future applications.


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