Concept inspired by iPad Pro with Touch ID and USB-C


There are strong rumors that Apple is preparing a new model of iPad Air, this one with a look inspired by the latest iPad Pro. Following this preliminary information, the Svetapple website presented concepts of the giant’s next tablet.

So far, rumors related to the fourth generation of the iPad Air indicate that the tablet will have thinner edges, with dimensions close to the 11 ’’ model of the iPad Pro and sharp edges on the metallic body. The concept presented follows these indications and features an iPad Air very similar to the 2018 iPad Pro.

In the images, we can see the iPad Air with the Smart Connector on the back and a single rear camera, accompanied by a bulge. In this example, the tablet does not have an LED flash, and gives space for antennas in a plastic strip just above the cameras.

The concept also includes the return of Touch ID in the next generation of the iPad Air. The spacious power button just above the cameras could be equipped with a biometric sensor. Finally, the renderings equip the device with a USB-C port, as suggested by the iPad Air manuals released in previous rumors.

There is still no concrete information about the fourth generation of the iPad Air. Still, we can expect a powerful tablet, equipped with the A13 processors or even a possible A14 Bionic, 4 GB of RAM and storage starting at 128 GB. According to the website responsible for the concept, we can wait for more information about the device on September 8.


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