Concept Design Showing How the Split Screen Feature Will Look on iOS (Video)


Currently, iOS users cannot use some features that Android users have and can use. Here is one of these features is the split screen feature. So how would it look if it had a split screen feature on iOS?

Apple isn’t a hasty company to add new features to its iOS devices. While Android manufacturers are trying to increase their user experience by adding new features, Apple focuses on refining existing features and making the operating system as error free as possible.

One of the examples we can give in this regard is the split screen feature. This feature started to be used on Android devices with Android Nougat about 4 years ago, but on the iOS side, there is still no such feature. A designer has also prepared a concept for how Apple will look if it uses this feature in future iOS versions.

iOS split screen concept design
A designer named Aleksey Bondarev shared the iOS split screen concept design on his Dribbble account. You can watch the video from the Twitter video above or by clicking on the link in the tweet from Bondarev’s Dribbble account.

In the video shared by Bondarev, we see that YouTube has opened the browser version. He then takes his YouTube video to full screen mode and then slides his finger from the right end to the left to open a menu. In this menu, it is seen that Apple Maps, App Store, Apple Music, Phone, Calendar and Safari applications are available.

The user we see in the video then takes the Safari application in this menu and drops it onto the YouTube video that is currently playing. After that, the screen is divided into two and the screen is divided. The user adjusts the size of these two apps on the screen using a type of adjustment bar.

However, even if we see that the Safari browser is displayed in the video on the right, the App Store window opens at the bottom, not the Safari window. It is not yet clear whether Bondarev did this deliberately or if there was a minor error in the concept.

It may be that Apple has started to seriously consider the split screen feature as the screens of iPhones have grown considerably especially in recent years. So, what do you think about concept design and split screen feature on iPhone?


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