Concept Design Showing How to PlayStation 5’s Operating System (Video)


The technical features of PlayStation 5, the next generation game console of Japanese technology giant Sony, were revealed last week. Although we do not have a clear knowledge of what the design of the console will be at the moment, a concept design has emerged about how the operating system will look.

We do not have clear information about how the design of the PlayStation 5 console, which will be available to players at the end of this year, is still going to be. However, the technical features of the console were announced last week. After the technical features announced, comments were made that Sony’s next-generation console is weaker than the Xbox Series X.

Of course, the design of the Xbox Series X also received various criticisms. Especially because of the size of the console, even refrigerator simulations were made. We do not have information about how the PlayStation 5 has a design. If it concerns the operating system of the console, some information has begun to emerge.

PlayStation 5 operating system
The operating system of PlayStation 5 has become a new focus, especially as Sony has patented a new technology. The company’s patented technology allows game menus to be integrated into the main pool of hardware.

In fact, starting from this move of Sony, we can say that the company wants to make the use of the new generation console ‘as easy as Netflix’. In addition, the fact that SSD will be used in the hardware of the console also means that you can enter the games faster.

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RightWeepyFanworms has created a concept design on how Sony’s main menu of next-generation console can look. The concept design video shows how to switch between files saved or switch to multiplayer mode. Of course, although this is a concept design, players may encounter a similar design in the main menu of the console.

So how did you find this concept design? What do you think would be the main menu of Sony’s next-generation console? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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