Concept Design of PS5’s Box That We Have Not Seen Yet Has Published


Italian graphic artist Giuseppe Spinelli made the concept design of the box of PlayStation 5, which is not yet known. The design shows off how the PlayStation 5 will look on store shelves.

As the introduction of PlayStation 5, which will be Sony’s new game console, delays, the impatience of gamers continues to increase. Aware of the impatience of fans, Sony has revealed some information about PlayStation 5. However, the design of the device remains its mystery.

Apart from the logo, no design details of PlayStation 5 have been revealed. Despite this, graphic artists are developing concept designs for PS5. However, as the PlayStation 5 looks like it is not yet known, concept designs are often based on the developer kit.

Italian graphic artist Guiseppe Spinelli had prepared a concept design of DualShock 5 that will be introduced with PlayStation 5 and published the concept design on YouTube with an impressive video.

Spinelli has now designed the concept of the box where the PlayStation 5 will be available. The PlayStation 5 box, prepared by Spinelli, is embossed and equipped with bright letters. The graphic artist has designed the box in accordance with the PlayStation 5 concept, with a black theme.

It is an interesting development that the concept design of the PlayStation 5’s box has not been made yet. However, since the box design in question also shows a PS5 concept design, we cannot say that it is completely meaningless.


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