Concept Design Images of Vivo Apex 2020 Revealed


Concept design images of the new model of Apex, Vivo’s powerful device in the frameless phones market, have emerged. In the concept image of Vivo Apex 2020 shared by Ben Geskin, we see how the front and back design of the phone will be.

Apex, which Vivo first launched in 2018, was a reference for frameless phones. Concept design images of Apex 2020, which are expected to have a higher screen / body ratio than their competitors, have emerged.

In the published concept design of Apex 2020, the in-screen fingerprint reader stands out. One of the prominent details in the concept design is that the screen of the phone will be in a curved structure. The skidded front camera design used in Apex 2019 seems to have been replaced by the camera that will be located inside the screen in Apex 2020.

Here is the concept design image of Vivo Apex 2020:
There are also changes in the camera design on the back of the phone. The cameras, which have been lined up vertically before, appear to be circled with the Apex 2020. There is a 5x and 7.5x optical zoom sensor inside the circle camera module. The 48 MP Gimbal main camera is again in a circle frame. The status of the ultra-wide-angle lens and LED flash, which are not included in the design of the rear part, are currently unknown.

Apex 2020, which will amaze with Vivo’s screen / body ratio, will also support the 5G connectivity feature. It is also among the information that Apex 2020 will also offer wireless fast charging support.


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