Concept Design Combining Rolls-Royce with a Sports Car


What would the Rolls-Royce brand, which has a huge fan base with its luxury vehicles, be if it produced a sports car? The famous designer presented a good idea to this subject that many people wondered with its render design.

We do not see many sports cars of Rolls-Royce, one of the brands that produce the most luxurious cars in the world. These cars, which are generally preferred by very rich people, prefer to offer luxury and speed together with their huge structures. The luxury of a vehicle also causes it to be heavier. Of course, it does not mean that the vehicle will go slow. The V12 engine in Rolls-Royce produces the power to easily lift any weight to high speeds. Nevertheless, it would always be wondering what it would have been like if Rolls-Royce made a sports car.

This render, which was created by the famous designer Rain Prisk, which changed our perspective on automobile manufacturers with its render designs, shows us how Rolls-Royce would look like if it made a sports car. Prisk took the design language of the super luxury car manufacturer and adapted it to a stylish two-door sports car.

While updating the design of the car, Prisk explained that the classic design line of Rolls-Royce had problems with the sports car layout. However, we can say that the result is extremely satisfying.

The render, which preserves the molded design on the front of Rolls-Royce, complements this with a solid curved setup to the back. The concept car, which has a narrower grille and thin headlights on the front, manages to preserve the muscular structure of Rolls-Royce if it was designed as a sports car.

Will the sports car come?
Although this concept vehicle is very beautiful, there is no information that Rolls-Royce will produce sports cars in the coming period. Considering the customer base of the company, it is not very realistic for such a car to come out.


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