Concept Car That Looks Like Taken From Space Movies


Buick announced its electric motor concept vehicle “Electra” at an event in China. The vehicle, which has a very remarkable design, can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 4.3 seconds. The launch of the vehicle will probably never be possible.

Buick, one of the subsidiaries of General Motors, announced its new concept vehicle at an event in Shanghai. Buick, whose new concept car was named “Electra”, also used this name in its model that it launched in the past years. However, it should be clearly stated that the new concept is quite different from Electra, which was launched years ago.

Buick announced a concept vehicle called Enspire in 2018. Electra is an improved version of this concept. The company names the design language of the new concept vehicle as “potential energy”. Having a very impressive design, Electra seems to impress consumers with every detail.

This is how Buick’s new concept Electra looks

Buick has designed the new concept car in a very minimalist way. When we look closely at the design, we see that there are no unnecessary details of the vehicle. Electra, which has very thin headlights, has a nose that can be considered long and has sharp lines. The windshield of the vehicle is quite inclined and continues almost to the rear of the vehicle. In addition, this glass forms the roof of the vehicle.

According to Buick, Electra’s design was inspired by a space capsule. The vehicle already confirms this idea with its design. As both the rear and front doors open upwards, when we look inside the vehicle, we see that the space theme has spread everywhere. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at Electra’s interior design.

Buick Electra has a very stylish seat design. In addition, the vehicle has a very small steering wheel and a huge display. This screen could possibly also be used as a multimedia screen. In addition, as a driver pulls the steering wheel towards him, he brings this huge screen closer to him. However, it should be said that such display screens are not preferred in the current conditions.

As you can imagine, the engine powered by Electra is not internal combustion. Powered by two electric motors, the vehicle uses Ultium batteries from General Motors. This means that the range of the vehicle is more than 600 kilometers. According to Buick, the vehicle, which has 583 horsepower (435 kilowatts), can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 4.3 seconds.


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