Concept art “Thor: Love and Thunder” Reveals Jeff Goldblum’s Abandoned Return as a Grandmaster


From a certain angle, “Thor: Love and Thunder” is akin to a family reunion from the “Thor” series. While “Thor: Ragnarok” previously took the Thunder God from Earth and his human friends to make new friends in space, efforts were made in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film to have OG Thor stars Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgard and Natalie Port reprise their roles along with representatives of Ragnarok, such as Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi.

One actor who, unfortunately, does not appear in the Marvel sequel is Jeff Goldblum, who was not returned in his role as the Grandmaster, but the concept art showed not only that there were thoughts about returning the character, but also that he was going to be an interesting new image.

You need to zoom in to notice the details, but when you do, they are unmistakable: Grandmaster Jeff Goldblum has bionic limbs. His left arm seems to be fine, but his legs and right arm seem to have been replaced by machinery.

It’s a reasonable development if you think about it. The last time we saw the Grandmaster, it was in the code after the credits of Thor: Ragnarok. The scene depicts the character shortly after his ship crashes during his pursuit of Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie, and after he crawls out from under the wreckage, he is surrounded by disgruntled inhabitants of Sakaar. The short fragment ends before any action takes place, but based on the concept art presented above, it seems that the antagonist was torn apart and survived only thanks to technology (as well as the fact that he is one of the Elders). The universe).

Reflecting on the events in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, it is difficult to choose a suitable place where this image of the Grand Master could be included, which leads to the conclusion that this work could have been commissioned based on an early version of the script. Taika Waititi and Jennifer Kaitin Robinson.

In addition to the potential new image of Jeff Goldblum in the Marvel cinematic universe (we’ll have to wait and see if he becomes canon), Laurent Ben-Mimoun also shared a fragment depicting an element of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”. this was included in the final version: Goat boat.

I can’t say that the tone/atmosphere of the concept art fully conveys the energy of Taika Waititi’s work (for example, the goats don’t quite look like they’re about to emit their wild screams), but the lighting is great. , and the design of the Goat Boat itself is wonderful.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is still in theaters (it took sixth place at the box office last weekend), but the Marvel movie will also appear on home video soon. It was announced that the blockbuster will be available for streaming to Disney+ subscribers on September 8, and a 4K/Blu-ray release is expected soon after (the official date has not been disclosed).

Looking ahead, you can keep track of everything on the way from the MCU with our upcoming Marvel movies and upcoming Marvel TV guides.


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