Computers in a US City Turn Offline after Cyber Attack


As a result of an unidentified cyber attack, the New York City employees were told to shut down their computers during the weekend as a precaution.

The New Orleans area of ​​the United States has faced one of the biggest cyber attacks in recent years. Although the amount of damage caused by the attack is uncertain, city officials say there is no evidence that user passwords or data have been stolen. According to the New Orleans National Security and Emergency Preparedness Office, all internet sites except for ambulance, police and fire brigade have been disabled.

Other secret services, as well as the FBI, are chasing the attack. Only half of the city’s businesses say they can defend themselves against cyber attacks. NOLA Ready, New Orleans’s emergency organization, gave more details on a Twitter post:: We are very careful about such events. As soon as the cyber attack was discovered, all employees were warned to shut down computers, unplug devices, and disconnect Wi-Fi. All servers are also shut down. ”

‘There are many questions to be answered after the attack’
Anuj Goel, co-founder and CEO of Cyware Labs, who plays an important role in cyber-attacks, explained how sharing intelligence-related intelligence can help prevent such attacks in the future:

Sayı The number of cyber attacks on local governments has risen to an alarming degree, as was the case with the latest attacks on New Orleans this year. What were the security gaps that led to a major attack? How have the threat elements managed to spread throughout the state network? What can local government do to prevent such cyber attacks in the future?

These are all critical questions that should be answered after such a cyber attack. Intelligence sharing about cyber attacks can help governments anticipate and actively prevent such attacks, or strengthen them in preventing them. If the intelligence collected after the cyber attack is not shared, these attacks continue and the same problems are repeated. That’s why secret services have to share all the information they have obtained after the cyber attacks. ”

In addition, CEO Goel said that city computers were the best antivirus program on the market. We will see together who will come after the attack.


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