Computer designed for professional gamers introduced


Taiwan-based Gigabyte announced the Aorus 15P, a portable laptop designed for professional gamers. For now, the price of the computer offered in Gigabyte’s online store is astonishing due to the exchange rate difference.

Aorus 15P impresses with battery life

Stating that he has been working on the design with many e-sports teams, including G2 Esports, the company stated that the device is 2 kilograms. Gigabyte also added that the chassis has undergone a series of pressure tests for durability. It is a matter of curiosity how long the computer that promises 8 hours of battery life will stop in this claim. Because it is an optimistic time for a gaming hardware, as well as the fact that the computer has an RGB keyboard that can consume extra power is confusing in this regard.

The 15P, which will come with a 144 Hz display, includes Intel’s Core i7-10750H processor. There are also GeForce RTX 2060 or RTX 2070 options on the graphics card side. For cooling, one of the biggest problems of a gaming computer, Gigabyte uses the Windforce Infinity cooling system, which includes two 12-volt fans, 5 heat pipes and multiple vents. Thus, it aims to provide a good gaming experience and system performance as long as possible.

Currently, a price of $ 1,599.99 has been set for the computer that is only available for sale on Gigabyte’s website.


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