Comprehensive curfew declared in Baghdad


Comprehensive curfew declared in Baghdad

A large curfew was declared in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on Tuesday due to anti-government demonstrations.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdulmehdi said in a written statement that he had given a “comprehensive curfew order to protect public order and domestic security” from the provocateurs organizing attacks on security forces, public and private property in the capital Baghdad.

Abdulmehdi said that security forces will tolerate emergency humanitarian situations, airport passengers and those who will participate in Erbain events.

Ahmad Khalaf, a police officer at the Baghdad Police Department, said in a statement to the AA correspondent that they began implementing a curfew from 5am this morning until a second order.

The decision to take control of the incidents of violence and demonstrations in the capital of the Prime Minister Abdulmehdi stressed that the successor, that the demonstrators are still on the streets.

The successor also said that the armored vehicles belonging to the army were deployed at the entrance to the Green Zone and that the demonstrators were vigilant to respond to the raid attempts.

In the anti-government demonstrations in Iraq since October 1, 12 people were killed.


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