Composer hints at new Silent Hill, but video goes off


According to The Medium’s composer Akira Yamaoka, a big announcement about a game much awaited by the public is about to be made, but it should still be kept in the drawer for a few months.

During an interview with Al Hub, Akira Yamaoka commented on her upcoming projects, bringing important and mysterious news about her future in the gaming industry. The Silent Hill artist then hinted that a much-anticipated title from fans could be revealed later this year, suggesting that Konami’s psychological horror franchise should return soon.

“Staying in general terms, I think you will probably hear something this summer, to be announced,” said Yamaoka. “I think it is the one you hope to hear about, but we are guarding it in general.”

Interestingly, moments after the interview was posted on BoJrayed’s channel, the video was mysteriously deleted from social media, supposedly due to the composer commenting on something he shouldn’t have.

Throughout the year 2020, a lot was said about rumors involving the production of a new Silent Hill, but all expectations were dashed after the TGA, which ended up making the game beat again. Despite the disappearance of the franchise after the award, rumors are back on the web, and fans are already agitated by the composer’s statement.

Will we finally have a Silent Hill game this year? Leave your answer in the comments.


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