Composer confirms that Beyoncé’s new project will have great collaborations


Since confirming that Beyoncé has been shooting several videos for a still-secret project, the world is at her fingertips waiting for confirmation about a singer-released 7th album of her career.

And to add even more fuel to this bonfire of fan anxiety, singer-songwriter Raye, who worked with Beyoncé on the song “Bigger” from the album “The Lion King: The Gift”, confirmed that she has worked with the singer again and that Secret project is indeed grandiose.

Speaking to the British newspaper The Sun, Raye stated: “It’s [a project] super secret with great artists. But I really, really loved her team and all the vibe, and yes, we’re definitely going to work on new things together. ”

“But there’s not much I can really say, obviously,” Raye concluded.

Earlier this October, Beyonce recorded what was considered the most expensive and extravagant video of his career, still secret as well.


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