“Complete Restructuring” — Liverpool Fans React to The “Confusing” News About The Departure of Julian Ward


When Liverpool’s sporting director Julian Ward resigned at the end of the season, fans were shocked by another key departure.

Ward will leave the post of athletic director after just one season, officially replacing Michael Edwards in the summer.

This put an end to the collaboration with Liverpool, which lasted 11 years, and Ward previously worked as a European Scouting manager, loan manager and assistant sports director.

As the owners of Fenway Sports Group are also looking for additional investment and a potential sale of the club, this only adds to the uncertainty at Anfield.

This was reflected in the fact that supporters took to social media to react to the news.

A period of change for Liverpool

The shocking news was the latest development in a troubled time for Liverpool, when the owners of Fenway Sports Group recently put the club up for sale. No wonder fans are wondering what’s going on behind the scenes:

Is Graham going to leave too?


In addition to Ward’s departure, GOAL’s Neil Jones also announced that research director Ian Graham may leave next.

Graham is another player who has been with the club for a long time, and fans have noted the key role he has played in the club’s success on and off the field in recent years.


Does Klopp take on more responsibility?

According to Paul Joyce of The Times, Jurgen Klopp took a more “hands-on” approach to hiring the club last year.

Good news or bad news?


This is another disturbing update from behind the scenes of Liverpool: the unrest in the boardroom is growing at a time when Klopp is looking for stability on the pitch.

While the manager and his backroom staff have made their long-term plans for the future with new contracts, along with many key names in the team, changes are taking place in the hierarchy.

Ward’s planned departure only casts doubt on the club’s plans in the transfer market, as an overhaul of the midfield is expected next summer.


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