Complaining about his hairstyle from “Very Strange Things”, Noah Schnapp tried on a completely new look ahead of the final episodes


Fans are preparing for the last two episodes of “Very Strange Cases 4″, which will debut for Netflix subscribers on July 1 and will be the beginning of the fifth and final season of the sci-fi hit. While a lot has changed in the series and its characters over the four seasons, one thing, unfortunately, has remained unchanged — this is Will Byers’ trademark uniform. Noah Schnapp has openly talked about his character’s haircut before, and recently he tried on a replacement that has become even more outrageous.

It is reported that the fifth season of “Very Strange Things” will move forward in time to catch up with the real age of the actors, which hopefully means that Will’s haircut will turn into something completely different. When Noah Schnapp recently appeared on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,” he was wearing a very curly 80s wig with Fallon, and later took to Instagram to share a funny photo from the episode, asking fans if it should look like Will. Season 5.

While Noah Schnapp was clearly just joking about the fact that this curly monster was Will’s new hairstyle at any point in the series “Very Strange Things”, it really makes me what he will look like in season 5. The last two episodes of season 4 are already causing concern for many. fans, since it’s likely that not everyone will survive Vecna’s wrath, so trying to figure out what Will’s hair will be like in season five is certainly on the brighter side of the speculative spectrum.

Earlier, Schnapp reproached the Duffer brothers for forcing him to leave the haircut, admitting that he even talked about it with his parents. It’s definitely funny how much he hates bowl slicing, even if he’s not alone in it. While I don’t see the Duffer brothers making it look exactly the same after a time jump, I don’t necessarily think it would be the most amazing alternative. The 80s and early 90s were not known for legendary hair in a good way.

Will Byers has been through a lot in “Very Strange Things”, but lately all he wants is to spend time with his friends and play a little D&D. The least the Duffer brothers could do was get rid of that awful haircut. Fingers crossed, it will finally happen in the upcoming season, even if the curls are several thousand less than what he wore on the “Tonight Show”.

As for what else fans can expect in the latest episodes, in addition to new fun, it’s hard to predict until we find out where the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” will close. Some fan theories have already been disproved, but you can be sure that many others appear after the premiere of weekend hits.

Be sure to watch Vol. 2 of “Very Strange Cases 4” will be released on July 1 on Netflix, and season 5 will be released… later, with or without Will’s new hairstyle! In the meantime, keep an eye out for what else is coming soon on Netflix!