Compatible with Steam in PS5 DualSense beta version


Valve has announced that the Steam test client already includes compatibility with the new PlayStation 5 controller, but with some limitations.

Valve has issued a statement to inform that the DualSense, the new PS5 controller, is now compatible with the Steam client beta. The North American company, aware of the preference of many of its users to use the controllers of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, thus begins to work on an optimized compatibility of the controller on its platform. It currently has limitations.

As reported on the official portal, all those who have a DualSense can now pair it with their Windows computer very easily if they use the client’s beta. What is noticed, however, is that, as with any test platform, there are currently certain restrictions; for example, the touchpad, gyroscope, and haptic feedback capabilities of the controller do not work. More features will be integrated in both the Steam beta and the public version soon. You can know here all the specifications and characteristics of the remote.

Apple will include support for DualSense with iOS 14.3

This past week we have also learned that the DualSense will be compatible with iOS 14 terminals (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, iPod Touch) due to the upcoming iOS 14.3 update. Among the novelties is compatibility with the Amazon Luna controller, but what has really interested PlayStation players is that the PS5 controller can be connected via Bluetooth, which opens the doors to possible compatibility with Remote Play, just like it happened with PS4 and DualShock 4.

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PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are now available in the United States, Japan and other countries; while in Europe it will be launched this Thursday, November 19. In MeriStation we have already been able to analyze the console after several weeks with it. Here you can read our impressions of Sony’s powerful new machine, which hits stores with a lineup of games where we find some exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem.


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