Comparison of Tesla with Model S and Porsche Taycan


Tesla Model S, which debuted in 2012, was compared with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S introduced at the end of 2019. The fierce struggle of the two electric sedans ended with Tesla’s victory. In addition to its superior features, the price owned by Model S was one of the reasons that made it a more preferred vehicle than Taycan.

The severe conditions of climate change and environmental pollution force the electric vehicle industry to develop. These vehicles, which we know as quite rare and inexperienced cars a few years ago, have such an important place in the automobile industry that electric cars are constantly being compared.

Such races were not in question until recently. However, many new electric vehicles have recently challenged the cars of a brand that has made its name known in this industry. The newest challenge to Tesla, the innovative and environmentally friendly brand of Elon Musk, comes from Porsche, which is known all over the world for its luxury sports cars.

Tesla Model S Performance and Porsche Taycan Turbo S finally shared their trump card. Tesla’s flagship sedan has been looking for a suitable competitor since its debut in 2012. With Porsche introducing Taycan Turbo S in September 2019, the competitor was sought after. Car and Driver magazine compared dual-engine and electric sedans. As a result of evaluations in many areas from performance to comfort, Model S left the duel victorious.

Taycan outperformed in terms of performance
The Model S with 778 horsepower and Taycan with 750 horsepower were certainly not disappointing cars. However, as a result of the evaluations, one car came superior to another. Taycan became an advantageous side in the performance test. In addition to the acceleration of the vehicle with 1.3 g force, the acceleration power of 30 miles to 50 miles per hour and 50 miles to 70 miles per hour made the car the winner of this area. However, these values ​​were almost no different from what Model S had. Saliseler put Taycan forward in the speed field.

Another area that Taycan won was the charging area. The vehicle had a 350 kilowatt Electrify America charger. Considered as the only one of its kind, this charger was stronger than Tesla Supercharger used by Tesla.

Model S was the main difference in general
However, Tesla’s fast and comfortable driving experience made the car prevail. The interior design of the Model S, especially the infotainment panel, proved that the vehicle was superior in general. In addition, a fully charged Taycan can travel 192 miles while Model S 348 miles traveled easily.

Taycan Turbo S’s 190 thousand dollar price was found too high for its features. Because the prices of Model S, which is superior to Taycan with its features, start from 100 thousand dollars. This was the last feature that proved that Model S “Raven” was superior to Taycan.


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