Comparison of Hunter from Bloodborne with Tarnished from Elden Ring


The developer of Elden Ring and Bloodborne FromSoftware is able to create unique main characters. These characters seem devoid of life and direction at the beginning of their journey, but in the end they determine the fate of their worlds.

Elden Ring introduced players to a Tarnished, character with no backstory or origin; all they know is that they have been summoned to the Midlands and are being gently pushed towards the Erdtry. The main character of Elden Ring bears a resemblance to another main character FromSoftware, a Hunter from Bloodborne who knows little about the nature of Yarnam other than hunting. Both main characters must travel to their new and mysterious lands to find out their true purpose.

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The tarnished and mysterious backstories of the Hunter

Bloodborne allowed players to control a character known only as the Hunter. This character has very little background or instructions; the only information is given at the very beginning of the journey. In a conversation with the Minister of Blood, the Hunter is told that the city of Yarnam is in a constant nightmare, and in order to successfully solve the mysteries of the world, they must agree to a blood transfusion and sign a contract in which they will be hired as a Beast. Hunter.

Little is known about the Tarnished at the beginning of their journey in the world of the Elden Ring. The only knowledge given to the player is that the Elden Ring was once an omnipotent force that ruled the Midlands, but it was destroyed and now the world is in disarray. However, the Tarnished One feels obligated to approach the Erdtry and find out what caused the Destruction.

Hunter and Tarnished have a lot in common in their backstories. Only under the guidance of others, moving through the world and discovering what is really going on, these characters can discover their true meaning and purpose.

It’s also worth noting that both main characters come from a long line of similar characters before them. There are many other Hunters in Bloodborne who tried to get to the truth, but went crazy. Similarly, there are many Tarnished Ones in the Lands Between who have also lost their grace. These two main characters are the only ones of their kind who are able to break the vicious circle of their predecessors and achieve their goals.

Guides to Bloodborne and Elden Ring

Only guided by the vague notes and limited instructions of Herman and his companion, a living Doll, the Hunter must go through their mysterious world before discovering the truth. Faced with various factions of Yarnam’s governing body, the Church of Healing, the Hunter learns that the church is the reason the world has gone mad with blood, and that they are communicating with heavenly beings known as the Great Ones.

The basic guidance given to the Tarnished is guidance by the grace of Erdtry, which leads them to find Melina, a woman who acts as a finger girl who is supposed to help the Tarnished on their journey. Melina instructs the protagonist to pursue the Erdtry and defeat the most powerful figures of the Intermediate Lands in order to undo the destruction of the Old Ring.

Both main characters are led by those who are trying to stop the chaos that has engulfed their worlds. The hunter is led by Herman, and the Tarnished One is led by Melina, and also to some extent by Marika. Both must also confront those who lead them and sacrifice them or defeat them in order to truly succeed in their quest.

Herman from Bloodborne once tried to guide the Hunter to defeat the Greats, but once this goal was achieved, he no longer needed the Hunter and offered them a way out of the nightmare, although this meant that Herman would remain trapped. A Hunter’s dream. Marika initially banished the Tarnished Ones, but did so only knowing that they would return stronger and better suited to fulfill her plans.

The true purpose of the Tarnished and Hunters

Throughout the game, the Hunter can eventually confront the Greats who have not ascended. These creatures control the nightmare, and their blood haunts the people of Yarnam, so the Hunter decides that their goal is to kill the Great Ones and put an end to the nightmare. However, the Hunter also learns that Herman is being used as a puppet by a Great One named the Presence of the Moon, and this creature is really in control of the situation and must be killed.

The tarnished are people who have lost or been deprived of their grace and have been expelled from the Intermediate Lands. It is as they approach their goal in Airdtree that the Tarnished Ones learn the truth about the Split of the Old Ring and what they should do. Queen Marika once ruled between the lands, who created the Stained Banishi.