Comparing Galaxy Buds + to Galaxy Buds Live


Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live, are the two most recent Bluetooth headsets from Samsung. The totally wireless products promise to beat Apple’s AirPods, with autonomy above 20 hours, good music reproduction and noiseless capture for calls. The latest model even includes active noise cancellation, being a cheaper alternative to AirPods Pro in Brazil.

While the first reached R $ 999 in March 2020, Buds Live was expected only for the next September 2nd, but has already appeared in the main online stores in the country, with prices starting at R $ 1,299. Here are the main differences between the headphones of the South Korean giant and find out which one is most worthwhile for you.


The Buds + has a very traditional design, following the profile of the original Galaxy Buds, being in-ear, with some options of silicone tip, in addition to bringing a rubber on the outside that fits the user’s ear. Buds Live, on the other hand, has a bean-like shape, which, according to Samsung, will allow the ideal fit by following the design of the inner part of the ear.

In addition, the sound outlet does not occur through traditional tips, which can increase comfort after long hours of use. Its carrying case is also different, resembling a jewelry box. Buds +, in turn, has a very small pill-shaped case, taking up little space in your pocket, for example. Regarding weight, there are 5.6 grams in the newly launched option, while the model that arrived in Brazil in March has about 6 grams.


Samsung’s two headsets have a good amount of features, such as a touch-sensitive surface to control playback, answer calls, among other commands, in addition to customizing actions via the Galaxy Wearable app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. This way, users can choose between accessing the smartphone’s voice assistant (such as Google Assistant and Alexa, for example), skipping music, or even opening Spotify automatically.

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The accessories also bring integration with Bixby, Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence, which can be activated directly by voice. Another feature present in both is wireless charging, which allows you to recharge in top of the line mobile phones of the brand, such as the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, in addition to the new Galaxy Note 20.

The differentials are due to the active noise cancellation, the main highlight of Buds Live, which uses microphones to capture external sounds and block them according to the situation. According to Samsung, the functionality allows to prevent up to 97% of the noise coming from outside, ensuring a good immersion for the user when it is activated. The product is also IPX2 certified for water resistance, being interesting even for sports use.

Sound quality

Both products feature 12 mm dynamic drivers, the Buds + being a dual system, with woofer and tweeter, which reinforces the good balance of bass, mid and treble. Buds Live, on the other hand, promises good bass reproduction, but it shouldn’t be left wanting on other frequencies either.

The accessories are also AKG signature, a brand recognized for the good sound quality in its devices. It is worth mentioning here that, as it is in-ear, Buds + can feel that its reproduction is superior, since there is physical isolation. At Buds Live, the idea is that active noise cancellation works well to convey the idea of ​​immersion.


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