Compare Jennifer Lopez’s engagement Rings from Ben Affleck: 2002 and 2022


Surpass yourself. Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez for the second time with a new ring — even rarer than the one he gave her in 2002.

52-year-old Lopez announced her engagement on Friday, April 8, in the nightly newsletter “On the JLo”. The video showed the “Waiting for Tonight” singer caressing over her ring in slow motion, while the sound included her whispering, “You’re perfect.”

A new engagement ring weighing 8.5 carats with a natural green diamond center stone, confirms the moustache.

Jenny Luker, president of Platinum Guild International USA, believes that the value of a green gemstone is probably twice the price of a pink diamond.

“Jennifer’s ring appears to be decorated with a natural green diamond… decorated with white diamonds on the sides on a platinum band,” Luker said in a statement to Us. The president of Platinum Guild believes that the 8.5-carat stone can cost about $ 10 million.

Corrine Taylor Davis, a gemologist at Do Amore, said the ring would probably have been sold at auction for several million dollars. She also suggests that Affleck should have paid more for a stone of this color and quality. “There is literally nothing like this on the market,” Davis explained in her analysis. “This means that Ben has been working on this ring for months through private channels.”

Harry Winston’s pink diamond was a rarity and cost about $2.5 million in 2002 (even more when adjusted for inflation). However, the green diamond is even rarer, according to author and TikToker geologist Amanda Smith (@dashboardgeology). She explained to followers how the stunning color gets into the stone, which makes it so hard to find.

“The way to get a green diamond is that first you need to get a diamond that meets all the criteria for a rare diamond of jewelry quality,” Smith explained in the video. “It should grow to a large size. It should grow to a large size without any visible flaws or clarity of characteristics. It can’t crack, it can’t break — things that will later make it unbreakable. So it has to reach this size, it has to grow in these conditions, and then it has to come to the surface.”

All this made Affleck’s 2002 engagement ring very valuable for Lopez, but the green color makes the stone even more rare. “Then it has to be next to uranium and irradiated with beta or gamma waves long enough for the stone to turn green, because that’s how you get a green diamond. It’s from radiation, and it’s incredibly rare. To get the color depth you can see in this? Good job, Ben,” Smith said.

The color was probably a special choice on the part of Director Argo. “I always say that green is my lucky color. Maybe you remember some kind of green dress,” Lopez wrote in a previous issue of her newsletter, referring to the Versace dress she wore at the Grammy Awards in 2000. “I realized that there were many moments in my life when amazing things happened when I was in green.”