Company registers brands like Popcorn Time to curb piracy


A company in Hawaii called 42 Ventures took a bold step in combating piracy of films and series, at least in the United States. Instead of acting through more traditional legal means, the company registered trademark ownership for names of known illegal download and streaming services.

According to the TorrentFreak website, well-known brands in the industry, such as Popcorn Time, YTS and Terrarium were registered by the company, in addition to the symbol used by the Showbox website. The description is the same for all cases: “downloadable computer programs for the download and transmission of multimedia image, video and audio content”.

In order not to make it so obvious that the goal is just to hold names, the company will also use the records to promote legal streaming. They have already created an address called popcorntime4u to use the brand and a channel called Popcorn Planet, with movie reviews and news. The content is a partnership with Andy Signore, known as responsible for the Honest Trailers video series.

It will work?
The lawsuit is spearheaded by attorney Kerry Culpepper, who already has a long history of combating piracy in the United States by other means, arranging deals with websites and shutting down entire services, only to see them return later with a similar name and a foreign registration.

Recently, a Twitter account and a Facebook profile related to Popcorn Time and one of its divisions were recently suspended for infringing trademarks, but it is not possible to know if the action is already an effect of 42 Ventures.

In addition, not all cases can be tried in favor of the lawyer. After all, several of these services have been operating under these names for several years, and the length of service without question by another brand (and the process opened just now) may be insufficient for a conviction. Still, Culpepper wants to at least create obstacles and delay the development of more piracy platforms a little further.


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