Company launches supersonic unmanned combat aircraft


Kelley Aerospace launched an unmanned supersonic combat aircraft (UCAV) that, on the official website, is described as an ultra-fast drone with an innovative design. According to the company, the vehicle was created with the main objective of saving the lives of pilots in eventual air conflicts.

The creation, named “Arrow”, consists of a monoblock made from carbon fiber. According to the company, its material and design give creation “exceptional strength and rigidity”. In fact, with a maximum weight of 16,800 kilos, it is capable of flying for more than 4,800 kilometers.

The information hitherto revealed indicates that the price of the aircraft will not exceed US $ 16 million dollars (which is equivalent to R $ 89.29 million, in the conversion of the day). At a relatively affordable price, other aerial structures will be able to purchase it for use on high-risk missions. According to a Flight Global report, the company has already received 100 pre-orders for the aircraft.

In addition to the Arrow, Black Eagle was also mentioned, described as the “most resistant UAV in the current market”. To handle these aircraft and others that may appear in the future, Kelley Aerospace is training about 500 pilots. However, at the rate at which technology advances, these machines must soon dispense with human strength.


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