A Company Injects Corona Viruses That They Want To Find Treatment


A company in Europe is conducting an interesting study to develop drugs and vaccines against the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak. The company is trying to develop drugs and vaccines by applying corona viruses that are not as effective as COVID-19 to volunteers.

A company called Open Orphan is working on the treatment of the new type of corona virus, COVID-19, with a study model called Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM). The aim of this study is to test the existing vaccines and to produce new vaccines and drugs to combat the corona virus.

The work done by Open Orphan is carried out by the company’s subsidiary hVIVO. In the study, people who participated in the study voluntarily were infected with corona virus species that are known to have low effects.

In the study conducted by hVIVO, the types of corona virus, OC43 and 229E, are used. These two types of corona viruses have already been seen for several years. However, these corona viruses are not as effective as COVID-19. They only cause a mild respiratory illness. hVIVO nevertheless follows a controlled process in the application of these viruses to humans.

This study for the treatment of the Corona virus is being implemented in a 24-bed quarantine clinic in Europe. After the OC43 and 229E viruses are transmitted to the volunteers, people are kept under observation along with the treatments applied in this clinic.

With this study, Open Orphan aims to develop vaccines and drugs against COVID-19, a new type of corona virus. The current work is covered by income from royalty fees. The rest of the work will be continued with new investments to be received by the company.


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