Company Has More than 200 Vacancies In The Dev Area.


Strange: “Hello, strangers.” It’s like this, speaking directly to developers who are feeling strange in the tech where they work, but want to shine and touch their career in a different way, that Invillia intends to reach the mark of 3,000 talents 100% distributed until 2023.

Invillia is a multinational that creates and develops digital products and services in the most emerging technologies in the world for global game-changers. From startups to unicorns. With over 200 open positions, Invillia is looking for devs looking for something new, different and challenging in their careers.

For that, it has just released a manifesto in music clip format called . If you’re passionate about innovation, want to start 2022 from a new home, in 100% connected tech, turn up the sound.

Why do I feel so strange?

With the idea of ​​creating a song that spoke from developer to developer, in a vent format, manifesto. Invillia launched the .

A sensational geek-comic clip starring Junior Carelli, considered one of the greatest keyboard players in Brazil.

The great thing about the clip is combining algorithms and famous terms among those who code, mixed with frustrations that developers face professionally on a daily basis.

Lightweight, flexible, with global opportunities

Renato Bolzan, CEO of Invillia, explains the goals of : “Once again we want to show all the options within Invillia to play and leverage a career as we believe it should be: lightweight, flexible, with global opportunities. It is essential for professionals to be able to choose where to work, to have a clear vision of the future and the possibility of learning and being involved with emerging technologies”.

“This campaign, in essence, wants to show our restless culture, our different way of facing innovation and invite those who are not satisfied with their current job to get to know Invillia and accelerate their dreams and ambitions.”, concludes the executive .