Company creates hybrid electric version of Renault Kwid


HyMotiv has developed a hybrid version of the Renault Kwid, which can run on power with both electric and gasoline engines working together and with only one of two types. The vehicle, therefore, can be used as a fully electric car.

The Kwid is a basic hatchback, which was launched in 2015 with two versions of gasoline-powered engines. Last year, it received a facelift to modernize, but continued to maintain its main features, bringing the two different propulsion options.

Now, Kwid has won a hybrid version, which is a conversion created by an Indian company. HyMotiv was founded by businessman Iype Koshy, from the city of Trivandrum. There is already a 100% electric version of the model made by Renault itself in China.

Koshy had discovered a group of five graduates in mechanical engineering, who created a hybrid version of the Maruti 800, with a range of about 50 km using the electric motor. Next, Koshy hired the five former students from the Rajagiri Faculty of Engineering (class of 2018).

At the moment, the electric Kwid is HyMotiv’s latest project, specializing in conversions from gasoline-powered cars to hybrids.

Kwid has a range of up to 150 km in electric mode

To create the hybrid version of the Kwid, the engineers put several electric motors working together with the gasoline engine, to drive the rear wheels. The range of the vehicle can reach 150 km, when only the electric motors are running.

In addition, the Kwid has a 799 CC engine, with a maximum power of 54 CV and a maximum torque of 72 Nm. The electric motors still produce an additional 34 PS of power, and all four wheels have disc brakes.

There is also a synchronizer, which balances the speed between the front and rear wheels, and a pollution reduction mechanism, which reduces emissions by up to 60% and even improves gas mileage by 20%, according to the company.

The electric battery is made in China, but will soon be replaced by a local product.


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