Which companies are helping in the fight against coronavirus


Taking the world by surprise, the new coronavirus sparked an intense race for unexpected supplies and expenditures for medical supplies. To try to help in the crisis, several companies announced donations or emergency measures.

In the United States alone, campaigns are numerous. Major technology manufacturers – such as Apple, Razer, Microsoft and Google – are working in and out of their tools to help society in this troubled time. Apple and Google, for example, not only use their influence to spread true information, but also donate equipment and generous sums to medical centers.

Tim Cook’s company, in particular, donated 10 million disposable masks to American medical institutions. Meanwhile, Google has earmarked $ 800 million for healthcare organizations, including WHO, governments around the world and small and medium-sized businesses in the United States.

General Motors has also become a major figure in fighting the epidemic. The carmaker used its production lines to manufacture medical ventilators to try to ease the scarcity of these devices around the world. In addition, some of its units were redirected to the manufacture of surgical masks, with a production target of 50 thousand units per day over a period of 2 weeks.

Supermarkets and convenience store franchises also adopted the campaign and defined exclusive hours for the elderly and other members of the risk group of covid-19. Pão de Açúcar, for example, determined an exclusive service for the elderly every day of the week (from 6 am to 7 am) – a measure valid for supermarket-style units, without considering those installed in malls.

Jack Ma, owner of the e-commerce site Aliexpress, revealed on Twitter that he will donate medical supplies and security items to 24 countries – most of them Latin Americans, including Brazil. Amazon announced that numerous openings have been opened internationally to serve those who lost their jobs due to quarantine.

In Brazil, the Globo network has completely changed its programming to suspend programs and cut the presence of people in the auditoriums. Several were replaced by news broadcasts, and the soap operas in progress had their recordings suspended. In the case of Big Brother Brasil, Tuesday’s elimination nights no longer add to the crowded atmosphere with family members and friends of the walled participants.


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