Comments after the game in the summer house: Did it annoy Katarina?


Stephen (48) and Katarina Durr unexpectedly failed! The actor and his wife are one of the couples facing serious problems in the current season of “Summer House”. However, contrary to all expectations, Stephen and Katarina did not win in the memorization game. In an interview with Promiflash, Katarina explained why most of them mistakenly predicted their victory.

“It was clear to us that everyone in the house expected that we would be very far ahead,” Katarina Promiflash admitted. The game consisted of repeating the text learned by heart and at the same time doing sports. Since Stephen is an actor, the residents of the dacha assumed that the couple would cope with the challenge with their left hand. “We can understand that too,” said the Hamburg native. However, she said that she and Stephen had no motivation to play that day.

“That day we really just wanted to go home, so it didn’t matter to us whether we secured it or not. Looking back, we can say that our attitude was not good,” says Katarina. The reason for their zero relationship: a few hours before the game, Diego Sangre (27 years old) and his girlfriend Vanessa Mariposa (29 years old) moved into a summer house as latecomers. It even made Katarina cry. “If, like us, you get a new couple in the competition after 15 days in the country with our freshly prepared impressions and mostly hard efforts, you can react a little more emotionally,” Katrina explained in an interview with Promiflash.

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