Comment: “It is not enough not to be Donald Trump”


The Democratic Party’s congress ended with Biden’s passionate speech. According to DW editor Carla Bleiker, Joe Biden needs more to win young and leftist voters.

Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate in the presidential election of the United States, determined his position against his rival Trump with a passionate speech at his party’s congress. However, the youth and the left will need more to get their votes.

The speech in which Joe Biden accepted his nomination as president at the Democratic Party Congress was a great speech. When Biden said that his friendship with dictators would come to an end, he raised his voice, and when he recalled his son who died of a brain tumor in 2015, he muted and said, “Since he left, he has inspired me every day.”

Emotions can be successful when they can be expressed, at the right times, without exaggeration. A few years ago it might have been considered a joke to consider such a thing a success, but it is much more than what the Americans experienced with this candidate in the Trump example.

Biden collects points in the corona crisis

The main goal of the Democratic Congress was to highlight the difference between Biden and Trump. People use the concepts of kindness, virtue, and sensibility when talking about Biden, but these are probably the first words that few people will think of when describing Donald Trump.

Biden was not shy in criticizing US President Trump. Biden’s points are very important: Trump could not manage the corona crisis and there is no glimmer of change on the horizon. “After all this time, the president still doesn’t have a plan. But I do!”

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After these sentences, Biden detailed his plans, which include developing rapid coronavirus tests, which he will start on the day he was elected, and to produce more protective clothing and equipment for healthcare professionals.

“They must convince the young and innovative segment”

Congress attendees gave the message that Trump is incompetent and dangerous. Biden, an experienced politician, can communicate on a personal level with suffering families, the unemployed, and the military. However, not being like Donald Trump shouldn’t be Biden’s only argument.

In his speech, Biden talked about the importance of creating a broad voter coalition and promised to unite the United States. A large number of former Republican voters confessed why they now support Biden, and the most important detail was that among those voters was John Kasich, former Republican governor of Ohio.

How Biden and his assistant Kamala Harris will convince the young and innovative segment to vote for them is still a mystery. This problem was the reason for Hillary Clinton’s defeat exactly four years ago. After many leftist candidates got good votes in the Democratic primary elections, Biden and Harris now have to find ways to convince their supporters as soon as possible.


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