Comment From The Chinese Newspaper For Blockchain


The official Chinese military newspaper invited the country to be confident in key technologies such as innovation and blockchain. In the article published in the newspaper, it was emphasized that China should be quick to catch up with strategic and forward-looking technologies.

In the article published in the military newspaper; The importance of learning key technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, quantum computing, blockchain despite all difficulties is emphasized. The article states that China should surpass other countries in the field of technology and make innovations in the military field along with technological innovations.

The military commentator Song Zhongping, arguing that China, the biggest rival of the USA in the military field, is still behind some big countries in technological developments, argued that China’s big leap in weapons technology is not enough to surpass other countries. Although Zhongping admits that China is successful in producing high-tech weapons, it is still behind in producing high-quality and sophisticated parts.

Huge investment in 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies

China has stepped up its technology efforts to gain global leadership and announced an estimated investment of 10 trillion yuan (USD 1.4 trillion) by 2025. China has also called on major tech giants like Huawei to assist in the development of 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence applications. However, China’s giant technology companies, affected by the US sanctions, announced that they will launch a local funding initiative at the end of 2020 together with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC). China Europe Capital, an investment firm, also announced that it plans to raise 5 billion yuan (566 million pounds) to develop technologies such as 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence faster.

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The increase in investments was seen after the United States blocked business with Chinese giant companies for national security reasons. Trade wars, which escalate the tension between the two countries, are shown as another important factor that increases these investments.


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