‘Coming soon’: how to see which Netflix releases are on mobile


Netflix offers in its application a page where it is possible to check the list of films and series that will premiere soon in streaming. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the preview shows the release dates, production genre and other information about the title. In addition, users can view trailers in full screen and activate a reminder to watch the content as soon as it launches on the platform.

The feature is ideal for people who are waiting for a new series season or the premiere of a highly anticipated movie on the site. To test the function, we used an iPhone XR updated with iOS 13, but the steps also work for Android phones. Here is how to access the “Coming Soon” page to discover Netflix releases.

Step 1. Open the application and tap on the “Coming soon” tab at the bottom of the screen. Then check out the list of titles that are about to debut in the service. Each table shows the date of the premiere, as shown in the image below;

Step 2. You can tap on the video to play the trailer and use the expanded frame button next to the player’s counter to launch the content in full screen. Back in the list of programs, use the “Receive notice” button in a title of interest;

Step 3. You will receive an on-screen notice that your reminder has been set and the title has been added to your list. On the date set for the premiere, you will receive an alert not to forget to watch.

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Use the tip to find out when a series or movie you like arrives on Netflix and receive alerts to watch.


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