Comey Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 10 Review


Below are spoilers for the 10th episode of the series “Komi can’t communicate” of the 2nd season of “It’s Just Valentine’s Day”, which is currently being broadcast on Netflix.

Class 1-1 formed new connections during the trip to Kyoto, however, most of them seem unsure that these new connections will be lasting and relevant in the school environment. Komi has a mini-panic attack when trying to assess the situation, as the girls seem to avoid each other, but the boys have no problems at all (not surprising, considering how well they got to know each other).

All this additional nervous tension among classmates may be due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and declarations of love and friendship inevitably come to everyone’s mind during this love-obsessed series “Komi can’t communicate.”

“Just Valentine’s Day”

Nene Onemine is observant and probably understands that Comey will need a little push if she plans to express her feelings on Valentine’s Day. She decides to lend a helping hand by inviting Komi to her house after school so they can prepare for the next day, and Kaede eagerly jumps on board.

Tadano is not so subtly forbidden from joining (which makes his brain work overtime in anticipation). Once at the Onemine establishment, the girls are suddenly bombarded by her three younger siblings, who are glad they have new people to worry about. After Comey gets the nickname “Scary Sister,” she joins her friends in the kitchen as they start making a sumptuous chocolate cake.

Onemin is a baking professional, but refuses to do the entire workload, and soon it becomes a collective effort to make the cream thicken enough. Like most children, Onemin’s younger siblings don’t seem to have a filter, and they pester Komi with uncomfortable questions about her inability to speak.

After hearing the explanation, the couple changes Comey’s nickname to “Sis Shaa,” delightfully unable to pronounce the word “shy.” Children encourage the girl to open up and speak out, but as soon as she says a few words, they lose interest, having achieved their goal. Unfortunately, when the cake is taken out of the oven, it turns out to be so delicious that a group of friends cannot resist, and every last crumb is cleaned off the plate, leaving Komi the opportunity to be creative with his Valentine’s Day gift plans.

Big event

Having made an exorbitant amount of sweets at home, Komi wanders through the lockers, hoping to sneak the parcel into the Tadano compartment. However, the girl does not need much time to be scared, and her lover is very disappointed to find that his locker is empty in the morning.

Later, in class, Najimi and Ren Yamai approach Komi with friendship offers (including a particularly disturbing set of Ren-shaped chocolates) and receive homemade sweets in return. During the day, Komi exchanges chocolates of friendship with those who are dear to her, and Tadano watches every communication from afar, painfully forgotten and obviously not important enough to receive a parcel from Komi. The only person who seems to appreciate his friendship is Katai, and according to Tadano, boys don’t count.

The other boys were lucky enough to attract unexpected attention, as Chiarai Shigeo became the lucky owner of a gift delivered personally from Ren Yamai, which may have contained the same narcissistic set of chocolates. Sonoda Taisei, on the other hand, is blessed by heaven itself when Omoharu Nakanaka dramatically hands over a box of chocolate bullets with the statement that it’s “the real deal.” Shinobino Mono will try his luck with Inaka Nokoko, who knows nothing about the concept of Valentine’s Day (which apparently is not celebrated in the country), but is happy to share her strange snacks with him.

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Psyche! Cool offenders are again throwing dust in the eyes of the audience, sending their fantasies into the universe, hoping to attract the attention of women at the same time. Anyway, back to Tadano, who lost his mind when Katai gets chocolate from Komi, while he remains empty-handed and feels betrayed. Heartbroken and defeated, the poor boy returns home and crawls into a ball of self-pity, expecting at least recognition of his friendship by the Goddess of Class. Fortunately, his sister Hitomi’s sixth sense begins to take effect, and she suddenly sends Tadano out into the night, in the middle of winter, to buy her ice cream.

Coincidentally (or not), Tadano leaves on his errand just as Comey appears at his door and subsequently punches her in the face. Alarmed and confused, he asks Comey to join him in the park so they can chat so his family won’t overhear and interrupt.