Come on! Sony promises to release first wave of releases for PlayStation 5


Sony comes with a campaign to keep the news of the PlayStation 5 under lock and key, despite its launch in the coming months. Meanwhile, Microsoft comes every month delivering details of the product’s look, game lineup, system news, engines, and more.

Perhaps realizing that she doesn’t gain much by not providing small drops of information continuously, the Japanese woman should change her strategy soon: after a meeting of company executives, Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that very soon players will get to know the first phase of releases for the PlayStation 5.

The CEO’s speech implies that not only will we know third party games, those produced by major partners of the consoles, but also first party, those developed “at home”, that is, that are in the hands of PlayStation Studios and are exclusive.

By table, we can understand that the ads will not be limited to some indies, but that we can also see some titles of great appeal, the AAA.

This promised appetizer will help us to learn more about not only the PS5’s graphics potential, but also what the creative industry has been doing to enhance the gameplay experience. After all, a demonstration of Unreal Engine 5 has already shown that, visually, Sony’s next console will have great appeal.

Remember, we already know the new PlayStation 5 controller, the Dual Sense. The console’s appearance, however, remains a mystery, and for that matter Sony still does not estimate a revelation date.

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