Combining Instagram and Messenger: Two apps


In mid-August we already had the first attempt at that ‘Threesome’ merger of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger that Facebook has been planning since 2019: a welcome screen on Instagram that showed the Instagram and Messenger logos under the slogan ‘there is a new way to post on Instagram ”. But as of today, it is already a reality, because Facebook has already merged Messenger with Instagram.

Instagram + Messenger

In an official Facebook post, the company announced “an update on Instagram direct messages: we add the Messenger experience to the application.” And it is that more than a billion people already use Messenger every month, and “that is why we are connecting the experiences of Messenger and Instagram, and bringing some of the best Messenger functions to Instagram, to provide a better messaging experience to people, regardless of the application they use ”.

According to Facebook, the mix of both apps is to facilitate the use of Instagram and Messenger users and communication with their contacts, since “with this update, it will be even easier to stay connected without having to think about which application to use to communicate with family and friends ”.

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