Colt McCoy on Trend after Quinn Ewers injury


Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers was talking to fans during the first quarter of the Longhorns’ game against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

It looks like he was commanding the Texas offense when the Longhorns scored two goals. Unfortunately, he was seriously injured seconds before the end of the first quarter.

Ewers jumped up to make a pass, but was grabbed by an Alabama defender and then thrown to the ground. The star quarterback had his left arm pinned down and he hit the ground hard.

As a result, he was taken to the locker room. Immediately after the performance, Texas fans began to recall Colt McCoy’s injury in the match against Alabama in the national title game.

“Every Texas fan right now has memories of Colt McCoy,” ESPN’s Matt Miller said.

“First Colt McCoy, now Quinn Evers. The Texas quarterback’s luck isn’t very good against Bama’s defense,” another person said.

Hopefully Evers’ injury isn’t as serious as McCoy’s.


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