Colossal Dinosaur Skeleton Sold at Auction for $ 30 Million


Last month, Christie’s auction house announced that a giant dinosaur skeleton would go up for auction. The skeleton was sold for 5 times the estimated price.

Christie’s, one of the leading companies in the auction sector, is known for its large auctions from time to time. The company recently announced its new event. This event was called the Evening Sale of the 20th Century.

Although there were many important works trying to find buyers at the event, the most striking product was a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. According to pre-sale estimates, the price paid for the dinosaur, which is expected to find a buyer at a price of $ 6-8 million, was $ 30 million.

T-Rex doubling the predictions

The remains of this ancient creature, about 4 meters long and 12 meters wide, attracted much more attention than expected at the auction. An unnamed person managed to become the owner of this dinosaur skeleton by paying 31 million 847 thousand 500 dollars.

Named Stan in memory of the amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison, who discovered the fossil of the auction house in 1987, the T-Rex had 188 original bones and was one of the very few fully fused skeletons discovered to date. The fossil, first discovered in the Hell Creek site by Sacrison and a team of archaeologists, attracted great attention. James Hyslop, head of Christie’s science and natural history department for the fossil found in the region south of Wyoming, South Dakota, said “the best example of the species ever discovered”.

30 million dollar dinosaur

Although the money paid for the fossil was many times more than expected, the auction failed to break the record. Salvator Mundi, which was sold for 450.3 million dollars and claimed to belong to Leonardo Da Vinci, managed to become the most expensive auction item.

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Spending $ 30 million might not be the most sensible thing you can buy a gigantic dinosaur skeleton, but we’re also not sure if there’s anything cooler to buy for that money. Someone will have a real giant T-Rex fossil of their own.


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