ColorOS 11 introduced! Oppo phones’ new interface


Oppo, one of the popular phone manufacturers in China, introduced its new interface ColorOS 11. With the new interface introduced at the online event with the slogan “Make Life Flow”, the features offered to the users and the devices that will receive the update were announced.

ColorOS 11 features / innovations

It is possible to create your own wallpaper, fonts, icons and even ringtones in ColorOS 11, which brings the customization possibilities to the highest point for users to create their own interfaces. Dark mode, which entered our lives with Android 10, appears in Oppo’s new interface with three color schemes and different contrast levels.

In addition to privatization opportunities, productivity is increased. In this context, the Three Finger Translation feature, developed in collaboration with Google, enables users to easily translate text on any screen image into different languages.

Thanks to the Flexdrop feature that facilitates multitasking, it becomes possible for users to view video and text at the same time. Thanks to the Super Power Saving Mode, it is possible to select 6 applications in low battery condition.

Battery Protection, on the other hand, learns user habits and prevents damage caused by unnecessary charging processes at unstable power voltages. When the battery level reaches 80 percent at night, it intelligently pauses charging and resumes after use, offering a full charge when users wake up.

In addition to all these, UI First 2.0, which combines OPPO’s proprietary delay reduction engine with Quantum Animation, which wants to minimize delays, was introduced. This innovation can increase RAM usage by 45 percent, response rate by 32 percent and frame rate by 17 percent.

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Oppo announced ColorOS 11 based on Android 11

ColorOS 11 includes Android 11’s newly added privacy options while also offering a number of additional privacy protection and data security features. Private System creates a separate system where a second version of applications and data runs independently of the original. It can only be accessed with a separate fingerprint scan or password.

A new shortcut for App Lock allows users to lock apps via password, fingerprint or face authentication. The permission system has been enhanced with changeable permissions that reset camera, microphone and location access when the app is closed. In addition, auto-reset permissions return app permission settings that have not been used for a long time to default.

Oppo phones that will receive ColorOS 11 update!

The ColorOS 11 interface, which is currently in beta, is expected to reach the devices within a few weeks. ColorOS 11 will be available in successive updates, starting with the Find X2 Series and Reno3 Series. All innovations will cover 28 models, including the Find, Reno, F and A series.


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