Colorful Animal Crossing Fan Art Captures Blathers’ Love for Fossils


A new piece of Animal Crossing fan art perfectly reflects the curator of the Bluthers Museum’s love for fossils in colorful details. The popular owl has been a regular character throughout the franchise, along with other popular personalities such as Tom Nook and Isabelle. While the quirky owl tends to keep to himself at the local museum, his love of knowledge, rocks and interesting sea creatures appealed to many Animal Crossing fans.

Blathers is a familiar face to any Animal Crossing player who has appeared regularly since the original GameCube game. A keen intellectual and academic, Blaters runs the city museum, accepting donations from players to fill the exhibits with everything the natural world has to offer. Wild World built on this by introducing Celeste, Bluthers’ astronomy-loving younger sister, and his good friend Brewster, another fan favorite character. Of course, Blaters doesn’t enjoy every part of his job; the poor curator has entomophobia, that is, he is very afraid of insects. As a result, any player who wants to collect museum exhibits will have to terrorize Blathers with his collection of bugs in the process.

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Kiana Mosser from Twitter recently posted a fan art dedicated to Bluthers in all his intellectual glory. The colorful artwork depicts the longtime curator standing in the foyer of his museum and studying the fossil. Although there is an expression of extreme concentration on his face, Bluthers’ eyes are full of rainbow eyes, which may portend good to the donor who asked for an assessment. The night sky reflected in his eyes corresponds to the purple hue of the classic round placeholder object, with which each fossil in the game looks as if it was collected for the first time. The mild mismatch of this detail is funniest with the larger fossils, which still appear to be pocket-sized spheres despite potentially being much taller than the player character.

Non-playable Animal Crossing characters like Blathers are perfect for colorful artwork

It is worth noting that although the Animal Crossing Museum is completely virtual, it has a real educational value. The exhibits are based on existing beetles, fossils and fish, and Bluthers’ comments on each new find are taken from their real counterparts. There are more than 200 exhibits in New Horizons, which means that players can create an impressive amount of trivia about the natural world just by playing the game. Further building on this potential for education, it was recently announced that an official book based on the Animal Crossing Museum will be released soon, which seeks to strengthen the influence of the digital institution.

This fan art really illustrates Bluthers’ enjoyment of what he does. The expression of the starry eyes, causing a deep sense of surprise, shows the audience how much he loves the fossils that he keeps. In the picture, Blaters is captured in his element, without fear of detracting from the excitement of a new find that has replenished the museum collection. The soft but bright colors used by Kiana Mosser also help the curator look very cute when he is considering his latest acquisition. The overall effect is very warm and comfortable, which makes it a strikingly cute and colorful piece of fan art for all Animal Crossing fans.


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