College Football World’s Reaction to Arch Manning’s Old Video


The college football community has spent months pondering Arch Manning’s decision.

It turns out that he revealed his preferences six years ago.

A video has been circulated in which a young—well, younger—Manning in a Longhorns shirt says he wants to go to Texas.

While a 12-year-old’s home video is not a legally binding commitment, the top quarterback of the class of 2023 made the same choice Thursday. As some fans have noted on Twitter, we have had a long-awaited answer all this time.

However, others are already concerned that TV channels will launch this clip. It reminds me of Sam Ellinger, who idolized former Texas quarterback Chris Simms.

If anything, keeping this clip in constant circulation may be more embarrassing for Manning’s friend.

Despite his family ties to Ole Miss and Tennessee, Manning apparently gravitated to Texas before entering high school in Louisiana. His long-held wish will come true when he joins the Longhorns next year.