College Football World Reacts to Viral Sorority Video


In one of the most spectacular finals of college football Week 3, the Appalachian State team beat Troy, landing 53 yards in one of the last draws of the game. But the reaction of one group of Troy fans may have surpassed the reaction at Kidd Brewer Stadium.

A video has appeared online showing a women’s sorority in Troy watching the last moments of the game against Appalachian State. When Christian Horn caught the winning touchdown, some of the girls started applauding before they realized what had happened.

All of them were left in a state of shock, as they realized that the Trojans had actually lost the game. And as a result, a clip of their collective gaffe went viral.

Over the past two days, the clip has been viewed by more than 210,000 people. But some of the reactions on social media were downright funny.:

There is nothing better in football or in all sports than a sudden turn of fate. Watching how a moment of delight turns into a complete defeat can cause a lot of responses from those who go through it.

Most likely, some of the sorority girls in this video have never experienced this before. They learned this the hard way in one of the cruelest ways to end the Troy game in recent times.

Troy led 28-24 with more than two minutes left. But a safety and Horn’s aforementioned touchdown completed an incredible comeback for Appalachian State.

This one is going to sting. And the reaction of social networks will not make it less painful.


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