Collaborations with phone and car brands


Different collaborations between brands both increase the value of the products and are welcomed by people who love both brands. These partnerships really attract a lot of attention when it comes to automobile brands and smartphones. There are some unforgettable partnerships and collaborations. Here’s the phone and car brands collaborations:

Famous phone and car brands collaborations

Many partnerships have been established so far, but the unforgettable and more recent McLaren and OnePlus collaboration is indeed the favorite partnership of an era. Apart from that, Motorola managed to attract attention with the partnerships it has established.

McLaren and OnePlus


Of course, OnePlus and McLaren are among the partnerships memorable. The year is 2018 and November… On November 7, OnePlus announced its mysterious project.

Cooperation with automaker McLaren. The two announced the first phase of this partnership at the “Salute to Speed” event to be held at the McLaren Technology Center in England on December 11, 2018. The partnership includes both McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing, one of the most successful teams in Formula 1 history.

OnePlus is signing the devices that attract attention in the market by establishing different partnerships.

Land Rover Android based phone


In fact, although this was not a partnership, it was quite interesting for its time. Because the name Land Rover was used in robust phones such as S1. As you can imagine, this phone is known for being resistant to mud and bumps, just like Land Rover.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 770SH

telefon ve otomobil markaları is birlikleri-08

With this partnership between McLaren Mercedes and Vodafone, Formula 1, 2007 season was targeted. Red-weighted phones created specifically for this season looked very stylish. The 770SH has a clamshell design and the phone is silver. On the front of the phone, there is the text ‘‘ Vodafone McLaren Mercedes ”.

In addition to this model, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes GX29, and SGH-Z720M models were also launched.

Nissan signed phone with smart key

telefon ve otomobil markaları is birlikleri-08

The phone, which has a clamshell design, had an interesting feature: The world’s first built-in smart switch phone. This phone, with Nissan’s Intelligent Key system, had features such as opening or locking the car door, starting or stopping the engine. This phone, which emerged as a prototype in 2008, was one of the rare devices using wireless communication technology. This device is only available in Japan.

Ferrari and Motorola

Motorola redesigned its phone called i867 in 2012. Stating that it was “inspired by the Ferrari 458”, Motorola was the target of criticism in this model with its rough design.

The phone, of course, features Ferrari’s iconic red. This phone, which came with special wallpaper and accessories for Ferrari, was addressing very few people with its price tag. This special version of the phone was exactly $ 1,599. On the sites where the phone is scored, the phone we see that it gets a score close to 1 out of 10 is actually a disappointment.

The phone looked like this:

telefon ve otomobil markaları iş birlikleri

Ferrari and Vertu

Another Ferrari collaboration was established with Vertu. As you know, Vertu is a company that produces luxury devices founded by Nokia. At this point, the phone, which is the result of this partnership with Ferrari, should be evaluated within the “luxury” standards. The Vertu Ti Ferrari Edition, with the Android operating system, looked good unlike Motorola, but had a price tag of $ 6,500.

telefon ve otomobil markaları is birlikleri

The leather details used in the phone were identical to the leather used in Ferrari’s cars, the titanium case also featured a diamond-like coating, and the phone with physical keys was also covered with carbon fiber.

Phone and car brands stand out among their collaborations: Lamborghini and Oppo

Oppo Find X appeared with the Lamborghini model. This phone, which is similar to the appearance of today’s smartphones compared to the other phones on the list, has a stylish and dark gray design.

The phone created as a result of this partnership reaches 100 in a short time like Lamborghini. Of course, we are talking about the smartphone’s battery reaching 100 percent in 35 minutes, since our subject is the phone. Because the phone was among the fastest charging phones in 2018. The phone comes out of the box with a super charger and offers a nice experience to the users.

The phone, which has a 6.4 inch screen, has a very cool and colorful notification light system located at the edge of the screen. This phone, in which the camera system was also different, made a sound at the time of its release. The phone has a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. When the phone came out, it was offered with a price tag of $ 1,500 only in China.

Bentley and Vertu

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Another Vertu collaboration was established with Bentley. When Vertu launched the Vertu for Bentley, based on Signature Touch, in 2015, it targeted Bentley users. Because the phone was made for Bentley owners and went on sale with an application that remotely controls the car. Thus, users could handle features such as air conditioning control and seat position adjustment with their phones.


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