Collaboration of Two Young People from New Zealand and Spain: The World Between Bread


A new one has been added to the world sandwich preparation attempts. Two young people, who plan to put our bread in opposite sides of the Earth and put our planet between bread, agreed and acted on Reddit. The countries with breads were New Zealand and Spain this time.

It is not a day when fast-paced jokes are not seen on the internet. In fact, the humorous attempt that came from a very simple thought and which you will read soon became viral. There have been other initiatives with the same purpose in the past. This last attempt is the first in terms of the regions where it was made.

The two teens made a quick spreading joke on the internet using two slices of sandwich bread and a planet. The two people who took part in the creation of the viral photo, acted simultaneously in two opposite regions of the world, and created a ‘World sandwich’.

‘Two planets and a lush green planet’
The idea was produced by the New Zealand computer science student Etienne Naude. Naude, who needed help to complete the sandwich, created a mineral warehouse giant sandwich with the help of a stranger in the town of Olvera in Seville, Spain.

Speaking to the BBC, Etienne Naude said it is difficult to find areas that are not blocked by the sea or some structures. He also added that it is challenging to act at the same time due to the 12-hour time difference and the Spanish partner, whose name he does not know, has traveled 1 km to reach his region. The Australian youth crowned this success with a laser cut painting on 20 sandwich bread.

The preparation stage of the sandwich:
In the Reddit post, which explains how to prepare the sandwich, Naude first found the opposite region of the Earth with the help of an application and then reached the people living in this region via Reddit. The young man has found someone who is eager to fulfill this task and took action.

Using the tool called “Tunnel to the other side of the Earth”, Naude reached latitude and longitude information of the opposite area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAuckland region on which she is located. Looking for a volunteer from the Spanish division of Reddit last December, the Australian teenager eventually picked the closest person to the area after finding a few.


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