We have already started talking about this dream collaboration in August 2019, but now it is a reality. Sebastian Yatra and Monsta X have allied themselves in a new project that has given what to talk about in social networks.

This has been communicated by the Colombian himself through his Instagram account, where he has shared an advance of this topic that will arrive under the title of Magnetic. But that is not all. The hit has a release date!

This idyllic union of talents will be released on December 20, although its followers can already book it through Spotify. Judging by the sounds that we have been able to hear in the preview that our protagonist has shared, we can assure you that it will revolve around dance rhythms with electronic touches.

Monsta X and Sebastian Yatra will give life to a theme in English, Korean and Spanish that will join the list of dream collaborations that have already come true in the industry of what we call K-Pop International. That attraction that artists from other parts of the world feel for South Korean pop and that has become the obsession of millions of people.

Dua Lipa and BlackPink and BTS and Nicki Minaj, among others. Although Leslie Grace and Reik dared to introduce the most Latin rhythms to this musical style with their collaborations with Super Junior.

The truth is that Sebastian Yatra has become an expert in this collaborations. His last joint work has been carried out with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with Afro Bros, Emilia and Camilo, all referents of our most current panorama.

And if you join the success of the Colombian and that of South Koreans, the triumph of this new project is more than assured. Will it be accompanied by a video clip starring the movements of its impressive choreographies? Will Yatra be encouraged to imitate his steps? We will have to wait a few days to know.


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