Collaborates with the news agency TikTok! A first


A new move has come for false or deceptive news spread on social media. AFP (Agence France-Presse), which has been publishing news for about 185 years and is one of the respected news agencies, goes into a cooperation with TikTok. The partnership, which emerged with a published announcement, will allow some content published on TikTok to be controlled and re-filtered. Details of the collaboration between TikTok and AFP:

The partnership between TikTok and AFP is essentially on the non-spreading of “false information”

AFP, which is among the reputable news agencies in the world, decided to work on preventing false information from spreading with TikTok, the world’s most popular mobile application.

Unfortunately, false information and news are spreading very quickly on social media. It is not easy to confirm that information and correct the mistake. At this point, AFP started a verification attempt to prevent the spread of false information and the smell of the fish by using TikTok’s millions of active users.

TikTok ve AFP

The deceptive content emanating from the TikTok platform will be reviewed by AFP’s fact check team. The team in the first place; It will oversee potentially deceptive and misleading videos shared on the TikTok platform in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia.

With the help of this initiative, TikTok will not only counteract the spread of inaccurate information and materials by removing such content from the app, but also informing its user about such misleading posts.

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