Colin Cowherd sharply commented on Bill Belichick


During Wednesday’s edition of The Herd, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd shared a harsh assessment of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

He said Rob Gronkowski is the last great striker to be drafted by “the man we think is the best football coach of all time.”

“There are no playmakers in New England. This is one of the slowest attacks in the NFL. Nothing special,” Cowherd said. “Gronk is their last great offensive pick in the draft.”

Shepherd believes that Belichick is not capable of “designing or developing an attack.”

“Belichick can’t plan an attack. There is no evidence of this either before Tom Brady or after him,” he said. “We know that in the last decade he can’t make an attack. And I would say he never developed it.

“…I don’t think he can develop an attack. He has no feeling or view of it. Gronk and Brady did it. The best tight end quarterback combination in NFL history.”

There is no doubt that Belichick is determined to defend. And there is no doubt that the effectiveness of his team in attack dropped sharply after the departure of Gronk and Brady.

The Patriots were in dire need of a dynamic offensive weapon preparing for this year’s draft. Belichick’s choice certainly caused confusion in the league: in the first round, he took offensive guard Cole Strange, and in the second round, he chose inconspicuous receiver Taikuan Thornton.

Belichick and Pats will try to prove the Cowgirl wrong in the upcoming season.