Colin Cowherd Offers to Trade One NFL Team for Jimmy Garoppolo


At this point, it seems inevitable that San Francisco Forties quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will be on another team by the start of the first week. But Colin Cowherd believes that the team of surprises should take the leaflet on him.

In Friday’s edition of The Herd, Cowherd argued that the New York Giants should try to sign Garoppolo. He said he’s “seen enough” of incumbent starter Daniel Jones and thinks it’s time to move on.

Shepherd claimed that after three years of dating Daniel Jones, he simply does not see him as “special”. Ultimately, he believes Garoppolo gives the Giants a better chance of winning.

“If you’re going to convince me that Jimmy Garoppolo won’t change anything in this losing franchise, you’re crazy.”

It’s pretty obvious that the New York Giants have come to terms with the idea that Jones is the wrong guy. They declined his option for a fifth year before the 2022 season, making him a free agent at the end of the year.

The Giants may be planning to offer Jones a long-term deal depending on how he plays in 2022. But the fact is that there is clearly no certainty.

Whether this distrust of Jones reaches the level of a desire to sign a contract with Jimmy Garoppolo is a completely different story. No matter how low Jones’ ceiling is for the Giants, embedding Garoppolo in their new offensive system would be total hell, Maria.

Should the New York Giants pursue Jimmy Garoppolo in the offseason?


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