Colin Cowherd offers to Trade Blockbuster for Chicago Bears


Expectations from the Chicago Bears in 2022 are low. But Colin Cowherd believes that one successful deal can change the fate of the Bears forever.

In a recent issue of The Herd, Cowherd argued that the Chicago Bears should trade disgruntled star linebacker Roquan Smith. He believes that the profit they could get from Smith would allow them to turn their roster into a contender.

Shepherd argued that the Bears were too stuck in their path to accept the changing landscape of the NFL, and that it was time for them to change. He believes that by swapping Smith and “switching” from a defense-oriented team to an offense-oriented team, they can make noise.

“This is your Monta Ellis-Steph Curry moment… Be warriors, not bears,” Kauherd said. “Move this really talented midfielder. Get help from the receiver, ask for help from the O-line, possibly both. Help your young quarterback.”

The Chicago Bears are heading into 2022 with new head coach Matt Eberflus, who brings with him an offense largely borrowed from the rival Green Bay Packers.

Justin Fields is starting his second year as a rookie after struggling a lot as a rookie. It would not be a big exaggeration to say that this is a crucial year for his development, and fans expect him to make a big leap forward.

As for Roquan Smith and his trade prospects, the Bears certainly could gain a lot by trading him to a team in need of an elite linebacker. Returns can range from a high-quality starting player on offense to several selected in the draft.

Is Colin Cowherd right here?


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