Cole Sprouse’s darling Lili Reinhart is releasing a film on Amazon Prime


It’s official ! Cole Sprouse’s girlfriend Lili Reinhart will star in an exclusive Amazon Prime Video movie. Lili Reinhart unveiled her new project of the moment! Cole Sprouse’s darling will star in the next film distributed by the Amazon Prime Video platform.

A big fan of films and series, Lili Reinhart therefore consumes a lot . Confined to her home in her big house, the young woman consumes a lot of programs. On Netflix.

Yesterday, Cole Sprouse’s sweetheart revealed her current series. And the latter is called The Midnight Gospel. This series aims to be a futuristic cartoon. The story: Clancy, an astronaut who has a faulty simulator of parallel universes.

She leaves the comfort of her home to question living things. In dying worlds. This series includes a hundred episodes and is a great success on social networks!

If she binge-watches series, Lili Reinhart does not forget her artistic projects so far. While the Riverdale series is on standby on Netflix, the sweetheart of Cole Sprouse is working on another film.

Indeed, she will therefore be the heroine of the next Amazon Prime Video film. Entitled Chemicals Hearts , the latter is a comedy… Romantic.

The story is that of 17-year-old Henry Page. Described as being a great romantic. His dearest dream: to find great love. When Grace Town (played by Lili Reinart) therefore arrives at her high school, the latter is as if disturbed. In reality, the young woman is mysterious. She hides a heavy secret…

The feature will therefore be available on Amazon Prime Video . August 21 next. Richard Tanne, who directed First Date, wrote, directed and produced the film.

Chemical Hearts is therefore directly inspired by the novel Our Hearts in Disagreement. The best-seller, by Krystal Sutherland released in 2016, was therefore a hit when it was released. On social networks, Lili Reinhart fans are only anxious . Find their favorite actress on their screens. For the moment, Riverdale is still on hold.


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