Cole Sprouse: with his brother Dylan Dayna Frazer?


Cole Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan is said to be single again. Did he part ways with Dayna Frazer? Between Dayna Frazer and Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse’s twin brother, it is well and truly over. Why did they break up after so many years of relationship?

Love comes and goes. In this sad period of the Covid-19 pandemic, couples are struggling to stay strong. It must be said that everyone’s morals are severely tested.

So, it could well be that Cole Sprouse’s twin brother is single. In any case, this is what our colleagues at The Things revealed on Monday, January 18.

Indeed, Dylan Sprouse shared his life with Dayna Frazer. Together, the two lovebirds were very happy and in love.

And since 2014. Three years later, the actor, star of the Zack & Cody series on Disney Channel, and the model had made a big decision: to break up.

Thus, rumors of infidelity had arisen. However, fans of Cole Sprouse’s brother never managed to get any real answers.

So why did they break up? What sparked the end of their romance? At the time, the main party had come out of the silence.

“I’ll say this and only this: By adhering to a hypothesis based on limited information, you overlook the complicated nature of this problem.” This is what he wrote on Twitter.


Can’t understand the tweet from Cole Sprouse’s twin brother? We neither. Let’s say he didn’t give a real answer.

Later, he also added: “It’s complicated and it will remain complicated, but those who know me and who have known me know pretty well what kind of person I am. And that’s all. ”

Some time later, Cole Sprouse’s brother appeared in a relationship with another model. This time he was cooing in Barbara Palvin’s arms. So some fans imagined he cheated on Dayna Frazer with her.


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