Cole Sprouse: where to find it besides the Riverdale series?

Cole Sprouse already has a great career behind him. Besides the Riverdale series, he has distinguished himself in numerous film projects.

To this day, Cole Sprouse is one of the leading figures in the film world. While his admirers adore his character in the “Riverdale” series, the actor has also appeared in other dramas.

Each year the Hollywood industry unleashes multiple talents and Cole Sprouse is one of them! Originally from Italy, the young man nevertheless spent his childhood in the United States.

From an early age, his grandmother encouraged his parents to make him play in series just like his twin brother Dylan. At just 4 months, the actor will therefore go through multiple auditions to shoot in commercials.

But also in feature films. The American producers will also simultaneously call on the Sprouse brothers for many projects.

In 1993, it was the consecration. Indeed, Dylan and Cole Sprouse will both play in the sitcom “Grace Under Fire”. Then the ex of Lili Reinhart will continue with the series “Friends”.

He also played in the film “Big Daddy” (Editor’s note vf version: Funny father). But also in “The Master of Disguise” (Editor’s note: The master of disguise) to name a few.

Many years later, the two brothers were to burst the screen in the Disney Channel series: “The Palace Life of Zack and Cody”. Passionate about the humanities and archeology, Cole Sprouse moved away from film sets for a time to study these two fields.

After graduating in 2015, Cole Sprouse returns to the forefront! A year later, his role in the series “Riverdale” will change his life.


In “Riverdale”, Cole Sprouse brilliantly embodies the character of “Jughead Jones”. In famous fiction, the latter is inseparable from Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper.

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His selflessness and strategic intelligence will save him more than once. In 2017, Dylan Sprouse’s brother won the Teen Choice Awards for Best Actor for his acting skills.

Cole Sprouse’s private life is very intriguing to his fans. But also the media!

And for good reason, for almost three years he shared the life of his partner on screen: Lili Reinhart. But the two stars decided to separate in March 2020.

They have also confirmed the sad news through their social networks. To believe some tabloids, the confinement would have been right in their story.


“Their relationship had been strained for some time. Their friends suspected that their couple would not take in the long term ”, thus delivered a source close to the two actors for the magazine“ People ”.

But also: “Their lifestyles did not coincide (…). But they are very professional and try to stay on good terms ”.

Their separation has (unsurprisingly) saddened many of their fans. Concerned with preserving their privacy, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have always done their best to protect their secret garden.

But to silence the worst rumors, the actor took to his social media last August to reassure his community. “Lili and I first separated in January of this year, deciding to separate more definitively in March,” he said online.

But also: “What an amazing experience I had, I will always feel lucky and cherish the chance to fall in love. I only wish him the greatest love and the greatest happiness (…) ”. A beautiful message in short!



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